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10/28/2021 9:57:52 PM
Информационный телеграм канал
Сделали канал в телеграм, где будет только важная техническая информация о проекте Encounter.
Вступайте сами и сообщите игрокам и авторам вашего домена.

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Become a game organizer

If you have a rather vague idea of what city games are and what it means to be an organizer of such games, save and read  Manifest for the organizers.

To start hosting games in your city, you need to register a domain. The cost of domain registration is 49 EN USD. There is no subscription fee for domain maintenance. The prices for holding games on the Encounter software and hardware complex are given in the table:


    Single Command Personal
 Quest (?)  14$ 28$ 10$
 PhotoHunt (?) 17$ 17$ -
 WetWars (?) 10$ - -
 PhotoExtreme (?) 17$ 17$ -
 Кэшинг (?) 17$ 17$ -
 Brainstorm (?)  14$  14$ -
 Points (?)  14$  21$ 10$
 Competition (?) 17$ 17$ -


The price is indicated in EN USD. Payment by bank cards and other popular options.

In addition to the game domain, which contains all the necessary functionality for city games, you will also receive guidelines for the preparation and conduct of games, procurement of advertising products, printing, banners. Of course, we also provide our organizers with moral and technical support during the start and development of the project.


Register a domain

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